It’s too cold to go outside – Have the Dr.s come to you!!!

Ever wish you could just have the dentist come to you? Don’t feel like putting on your puffy coat and driving to the doctor’s office?  Is your mother just too weak to make it to their office?

While this is no longer 1870 and Dr. Baker is long gone, there are still plenty of Dr.s basing their practice on old world tradition and bringing with them, a sense of comfort, to your doorstep.

The Physicianmedicalbag
For over 18 years, Visiting Physician Services has been bringing modern medicine into the comfort and privacy of your home. Visiting Physician specializes in adult & geriatric medicine. They make house calls to private residences, senior housing buildings and assisted living facilities in Bergen, Ocean, Monmouth, Middlesex, Union, Essex and Somerset Counties. Our comprehensive home health care ranges from treating minor ailments to serious, chronic illnesses as well as diagnostic testing. Most importantly, they help relieve the stress and anxiety of transporting a sick loved one to the doctor.  Their Medical Site


The Dentist: Stuart Rubin’s dental office fits into 10 carefully stocked plastic bins that are strapped to a metal trolley as needed and wheeled from his SUV to a patient’s front door. Every tool is in its place, so that any dentist using the equipment can find what is needed with ease.
The Rubins have a traditional dental office in Maplewood, but for their Dental Home Services practice, they travel with mobile equipment that enables them to perform every procedure imaginable in a patient’s living room, bedroom or dining room. “We can adapt to every situation,” Stuart Rubin says. With the help of laptop computers, iPads and smart phones, they have access to patients medical records, instant X-rays and more in home settings. Working on patients who are sometimes in wheelchairs or hospital beds, they fix broken incisors, remove or crown compromised molars, make molds for dentures or fix them. The Dentist’s Site

imagesThe Therapeutic Massage: They bring a portable table, which can be adjusted by height for those who have difficulty getting on and off the table. If the client is in a wheel chair or must remain in bed, they will gladly work within the special needs of the client. Otherwise, they provide warm and cozy flannel sheets along with a table warmer and herbal heated neck role. All of our lotions and oils are 100% natural. In addition to house calls and hotel visits they also provide massage therapy and reflexology to residents of assisted living facilities. They believe that you should be where you are most comfortable.  The Relaxing Site

cats-animals-kittens-background-usThe Veterinarian :P ets Aloud Mobile Veterinary Services.  A full service traveling office, their practice philosophy is placing their patients’ needs for comfort and safety first while still providing comprehensive medical care. Basically, no more getting clawed by the kitty to get into the car. And the doggie can actually go to the dog park instead of the “Vet/Park Trick”  Their Site

G--CorpCom-MARKETING_COMMUNICATION-Photography & Clipart-blog images-doctor-rightThe Reason: Studies show that patients treated at home do just as well in terms of recovery as patients admitted to the hospital, and maybe even better when it comes to how quickly they get better and how well they avoid common complications. And they save money. In a study in New Mexico involving more than 500 patients, there was a 19 percent cost savings. In a study at the University of Pennsylvania and at the Veterans Affairs medical center in Philadelphia, there was a 43 percent savings.

So fire up your DeLorean. Health care is headed back to the future. House calls are a sign that we will all see our health care going back to the “old days” when the doctor came to our homes, giving us real personalized medicine — and saving money at the same time.

And Just Think… with all of this free time on your hands, you could be getting ready to put your home on the market or searching for homes that we can go see, to buy!

Ain’t Life Grand?
To your health!
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It’s too cold to go outside – Have the Dr. s come to you!!!
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